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Our approach gives us a truly unique perspective - we understand how the other side is looking at the same case

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We accept your case with the condition that we only get paid based on the result of your lawsuit.

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We offer free, honest, no obligation consultations. If you have questions, contact us today.

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Fowler Pickert has over 25 years of combined litigation and trial experience.

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significant litigation & trial experience

We have handled hundreds of medical malpractice cases.  Let our knowledge and experience give you the winning hand.

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A deep understanding of medicine

We love what we do. We bring a sense of passion and energy to every case we handle.

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energy & passion for each case

We work hard to ensure that we maximize the value of every case we handle.

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Kansas City
Personal Injury Attorneys

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A serious injury turns your world upside down. Aside from the physical and emotional rigors of recovery, you’re left to figure out how to pay your bills on time after lost wages from missed work. If you’ve been in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, seek compensation for your injuries.

At Fowler Pickert, we believe you should never have to pay the price for someone else’s poor judgment. Our firm has been helping Kansas City accident victims and their loved ones for over 25 years.

Serving the Kansas City Community and Beyond

At Fowler Pickert, we know that no amount of money can erase the memory of an accident or injury. Therefore, our goal is to provide you compensation for your bills while giving you the resources you need to begin the healing process.

A personal injury can carry consequences that follow you for a lifetime. After the physical wounds heal, emotional effects take their toll. Ryan & Tom are compassionate and experienced attorneys and will provide you with the tools you need to live your best life.

The Guidance & Attorneys You Need From People You Can Trust

The Kansas City personal injury attorneys at Fowler Pickert go an above and beyond for their clientele, bringing new meaning to the attorney-client relationship. Whether you are in Kansas or Missouri, they will fight tirelessly to achieve the best result possible in your case.

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We do more than try and settle cases — we bring peace to Kansas City area families. In our 25 years practicing law, we’ve recovered millions of dollars and settled hundreds of claims for our clients.

Our idea of a successful outcome is to provide you full compensation to cover the loss and suffering associated with your personal injury claim.

Our team provides one-on-one support to you throughout the claims process. We keep you as involved as possible, so you always know what to expect next. We understand that this is a stressful time, and we’re committed to giving you the best outcome possible.

We’ll help you recover damages for financial loss, physical pain, and emotional suffering. In the event of gross negligence, we pursue punitive damages to punish the parties responsible and ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

medical malpractice
nursing home negligence


Prescription error resulting in fall and spinal injury.



Failure to diagnose and timely treat stroke.



Delay in diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

A Process That
Delivers Results

We accept personal injury cases on a contingency-fee basis. Starting with a free initial consultation, we review the specifics of your case and help you determine your next steps. If we think your case has a high likelihood of a successful outcome, we’ll begin the process of securing a settlement.

Serving the Kansas City Area and Beyond

You only pay if we win, which allows us to dedicate quality time to every client. When you meet with us for your free case evaluation, you’ll see one of our partners, Ryan or Tom. Our firm works on the philosophy that the attorney-client relationship should be just that– working with an experienced lawyer, not a paralegal or associate.

We consult with you to reach a settlement that we think is fair, given the extent of your injuries. We don’t accept low-ball offers, and we work tirelessly to bring you and your loved ones needed closure. We advocate for our clients and bring a passion to our practice that’s unmatched in the Kansas City area and beyond.

For experienced and compassionate legal care, contact Fowler Pickert today.

Client Testimonials

“The doctor and his insurance company refused to offer any compensation in my medical malpractice claim.  Tom and Ryan believed in me and my case are were willing to hold the doctor accountable.  They took my case to a jury which found the doctor negligent and awarded me significant compensation for my injuries.”


“Ryan and Tom represented my family after our father’s fall at his nursing home.  They did a great job handling the case from start to finish.  Most of all, they really took the time to listen to our concerns and answer our questions.”


Tom was a man of integrity, and he displayed patience and a sincere desire to help us.  We never had a sense that he was money motivated or that we were unimportant to him. In fact, it felt as though we were a "team". Fowler Pickert receives an A+ from us, and we would strongly recommend this company to anyone seeking a law firm.”


Asked Questions

While many people may consider the legal system to be complicated and intimidating, reaching out to an attorney about a claim or situation should be neither. Here are some frequently asked questions about what to expect if you choose to contact us.

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What should I expect from my free consultation?

What should I expect from my free consultation?

“Free Consultation” means that we (either Tom, Ryan, or both of us) will sit down to discuss your case with you.  This meeting can be on the phone, at our office, at your house, or wherever you feel most comfortable.  We will gather information from you about the case and provide you with our analysis. In addition to analysis of the issues your case may involve (such as issues of liability, damages,  legal hurdles,  etc.), we can answer any questions you have and will likely have a number of questions for you.  And it costs you nothing.

If I call with whom will I speak?

If I call with whom will I speak?

It’s likely that our receptionist will answer the phone and will direct you to either Tom or Ryan.  If we are not available you can leave a voicemail or a message with the receptionist and one of us will call you back within 24 hours (usually sooner).

How long will the process take?

How long will the process take?

This depends on many things including the parties involved, the type of case, and what you are wanting from the claim.  We will try to give you an idea of how long the process could take during the initial consultation based upon the information you provide us.

Is the initial conversation confidential?

Is the initial conversation confidential?

Simply put, yes.  The information you provide us will be shared with no one.

What is different about Fowler Pickert?

What is different about Fowler Pickert?

There are a lot of good attorneys in Kansas City serving both Kansans and Missourians.  If a type of case that we do not handle comes in our door, we are happy to recommend a quality and experienced attorney to handle that type of case.  For the cases we do handle, we like to think we take a unique, personal approach to the case.  We don’t take a lot of cases because we want to be able to provide our clients with the attention they deserve.  We always work directly with our clients as opposed to having an associate or assistant as a go-between.  Also, we have had extensive experience working as members of the defense bar, giving us a unique understanding and perspective of how defendants, defense attorneys, and insurance companies handle these claims.